Enormous Unexplored Cave Found In Canada


In the remote Canadian wilderness, researchers found an enormous unexplored cave, and, although this cavern boasts an overwhelming size, the scientists indicate that it may never have been explored by humans before.

This colossal caver, named “Sarlacc Pit” after the Star Wars’ pit-dwelling beast, is found in the middle of the rugged terrain of British Columbia’s Wells Gray Provincial Park.

“My immediate reaction was that there couldn’t be a cave there, it’s impossible. It is huge. It is enormous. When you first see it, you just gasp because it’s just this huge hole in the ground,” explained Catherine Hickson, the geoscientist who conducted the expedition to the site.

In April, the researches spotted the enormous cave for the first time, during a caribou counting flight, and the researchers describe it as “a cave of national significance, a major new find in Western Canada.”

Enormous Unexplored Cave Found In Canada

“I’ve been in some of the biggest caves in the world, and this thing has an entrance that is truly immense, and not just by Canadian standards. When you’re standing on the edge looking down into it, your line of sight is nearly 600 feet [183 meters]. You don’t get lines of sight of 600 feet in Canadian caves, it just doesn’t happen, The scale of this thing is just huge and about as big as they come in Canada,” said speleologist John Pollack on Canadian Geographic.

Even though this cave is enormous, it was unexplored until now and, possibly, no human has ever entered the cavern until the researchers entered the so-called “Sarlacc Pit.” That was possible because the cave was covered by a thick layer of snow year-round until about 20 to 50 years ago, according to the CEO of Tuya Terra Geo Corp which financed the first expedition to the recently discovered pit.

“The entrance is sufficiently notable that descent attempt would have been written up by mountaineers, cavers, or park staff if it had been encountered in the past 40 or 50 years. No such account exists in caving or mountaineering literature,” added John Pollack.

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