Here’s Why “Hospital-at-home” Might be Better than the Emergency Department

Going to the ER when you have an emergency is the normal thing to do, but this might be something that will slowly change in the future. That is because, ironically enough, hospitals are not safe enough for most patients and they might cause other complications.

Health systems are starting to send patients home and “offer” them some doctors and nurses that take care of them. Allowing the hospital to come to you might be the best solutions for many patients who are too frail to be admitted to the hospital.

How does it work?

Those who are “hospital-at-home” patients are carefully watched even when though they are at home. They get a wireless patch that tracks all their vital signs and the hospital receives all the date. Additionally, nurses visit the house around two times every day and they perform any needed tests.

The reason why hospitals are not safe is because there are plenty of germs there. Additionally, hospitals are not silent enough, and many patients need their peace and quiet in order to recover, because their resistance is low.

Phyllis Petruzzelli, 71, is one of the patients that experimented the “hospital-at-home” treatment. She was monitored all the time, to the point where doctors knew that she had been walking around during the night.

This made her feel safe, and she was far more comfortable than she would have been in a regular hospital. After three days, doctors noticed that her condition was stable so the equipment was removed from her house and she was able to go on with her life.

The future of medical care

This approach is one that is already popular in many countries such as Canada, England or Australia. Slowly, more and more hospitals start to use this method, and the results are great. While new equipment is needed at first, this is definitely an investment that pays off in time.

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