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jeux de casino gratuits

La Quête Ludique : Explorer les Jeux de Casino Gratuits

De nombreuses personnes sont attirées par le monde étincelant des casinos. Cependant, l’idée de risquer de l’argent peut parfois les…

Space debris

Space debris could soon become a dangerous problem

People seem to have managed to achieve the amazing: they were throwing the Earth’s orbit. Don’t think about literal garbage,…

multiple realities

There are multiple realities, according to the new quantum physics experiment

A new study deduces that there could be multiple realities at the quantum level, which would explain a concept that…

nuclear bombs

The deepest points of the ocean contain radioactive carbon from nuclear bombs

A new study published in Geophysical Research Letters has revealed that the radioactive carbon released by the 20th-century nuclear bomb…


Space Tourism – People would travel to space for a relatively small price in the future

Fifty years ago, Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon and said the iconic words “It is a small step…


NASA executive resigned in a few weeks after his appointment as the leader of the future moon exploration plans

A senior NASA official surprised everyone when he announced his resignation after being appointed less than two months ago. The…


Devils of Mars revealed 3D Amazing Images By ESA ExoMars

ESA ExoMars Orbiter created some stunning 3D images, revealing Mars dust devils. The orbiter also cut the surface of the…


Exoplanet 179 light years away from us has water in its atmosphere

Seeing the planets that are outside our solar system is impossible for our telescopes, as the starlight-host of these worlds…


Scientists have examined images of Pluto

Until the New Horizons spacecraft flew past it in 2015, humanity had very little knowledge about this body, and many…

Researchers Might have Found a Way to Make Living on Mars a Reality

Researchers Might have Found a Way to Make Living on Mars a Reality

Ever since humans started to explore space, their lifelong dream was to start colonizing other planets. We landed on the…

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  • The Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) promotes and advances mathematics in Canada.
  • Canadian Association of Physicists supports physics research and education.
  • Let`s Talk Science: Inspiring STEM education through innovative programs.
  • Ingenium: Celebrating creativity, discovery, and ingenuity.
  • Nature Conservancy of Canada protects Canada`s forests and natural areas.
  • Canadian Tire Corporation sells automotive and household products.
  • SEDS Canada empowers students in space.