There are multiple realities, according to the new quantum physics experiment

multiple realities

A new study deduces that there could be multiple realities at the quantum level, which would explain a concept that implies that two people could reach different conclusions while looking at the same photon, both senses at the same time. At its core, the theory aims to show that the argument offered by the two researchers would be on par, which will make them incapable of fighting among them.

It is already known that in quantum mechanics the objectivity of the observation is not so easy to achieve as it can be done in another field. One of the most famous thought experiments, organized by Eugene Wigner, has shown that two people can perceive reality in a completely different way.

Since the independence of the observer could not be achieved due to empirical research, some recent theorems were tested with the help of a broad scenario designed by Wigner.

The new quantum physics experiment concluded that there could be multiple realities

During the experiment, the researchers altered inequality of the Bell type through five standard deviations. The change allowed a more generous interpretation of quantum theory that already appeared in an observer-dependent framework and also increased the revision requirement for those who are not part of the framework.

One of the scientists involved in the experiment has stated that both can be validated. While Wigner presented his hypothesis in 1961, significant progress was needed to confirm this. The theoretical improvements were essential, since the researchers needed to formulate a problem that could be proved. The experimental side had to evolve towards a state where quantum systems could be controlled and modified according to the needs of the researchers.

The theory was tested in two different laboratories, with two participants in each instance. A couple of entangled photons were used and asked the researchers to measure one of the photons and record the information obtained. The measurements were repeated in the case of the other photons, which were tested with the quantum memory aid. The study concluded that in fact multiple realities existed.

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