Space debris could soon become a dangerous problem

Space debris

People seem to have managed to achieve the amazing: they were throwing the Earth’s orbit. Don’t think about literal garbage, but our planet’s orbit has plenty of dangers. In recent years, space missions have become increasingly common. Unfortunately, this led to millions of pieces of space debris flying around. And that could become a dangerous problem very soon. Even worse, a collision could occur.

Starting on the Internet OneWeb wants to launch hundreds of new satellites into space, but the current position of the Earth’s orbit makes things very complicated. However, OneWeb does not want to make this problem even more significant, and the company plans to move the satellites once they are no longer needed. Chief Executive Greg Wyler offered more details on this.

“There are so many ideas for satellites out there that are made without fully considering the full cycle of the system: What happens to the plastic bottle when you are using it? threw in the ocean? ”he said. “This is the same problem. It is on a different scale. ”

The problem of space remains is about to get worse

The bad news is that even more satellites will be added to the space residues. Indeed, the number of satellites is expected to triple in the future. More than 7,000 new devices will be launched in the next decade.

It is important to remember that it is dangerous to clutter the Earth’s orbit. Satellites could collide, and this could affect everything from GPS, TV, internet and phone service.

OneWeb plans to reduce space residues by making the satellites return to the Earth’s atmosphere when their lives are over. If that’s not enough, combat hooks will also be supposed to drag non-responsive satellites. “These are expensive technologies,” says Greg Wyler. “But they are things we have to do to be good citizens.”

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