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ISS Spacewalk Live Stream Cut As A Mysterious Object Approached The Astronauts

A storm of debates created by alien conspiracy theory enthusiasts filled the internet after the live stream of the International…

40 Different Types of Fruit

Meet The Van Aken Tree Of 40 Fruit, The Tree That Produces 40 Different Types Of Fruits

In 2008, while searching for specimens to create an art project based on a multicolored flower tree, Sam Van Aken,…

Dwarf galaxy DDO 68

“Ghostly” Dwarf Galaxy In The Vicinity of Milky Way, Discovered By Astronomers

An international team of astronomers examined the data from ESA’s Gaia satellite and revealed a “ghostly” dwarf galaxy lurking outside…

NASA HQ PHOTO Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite

Nasa’s TESS Mission New Planets Findings

Nasa’s TESS mission was created to discover exoplanets using the transit method, that comes with the novelty of having a…

Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite

“Hot Saturn” Exoplanet Discovered By NASA’s TESS Exoplanets Hunter

NASA’s TESS exoplanets hunter aims to complement the efforts of astronomers who are looking for new stars and planets. In…

Free Mobile Apps for People Living in Canada

7 Must-Have Free Mobile Apps for People Living in Canada

There’s an app for almost anything that you can think of! It’s the year 2020 and one thing is for…

Water Plume On Europa – It Took 20 Years For NASA To Observe That Galileo Probe Flew Through A Geyser

On December 16th, 1997, the Galileo probe had crossed in full throttle above a probable water plume ejected from the…

The Fastest Water Heater – An X-Ray Laser Heats Water To 100,000 Degrees In Only 75 Femtoseconds

A powerful X-ray laser was employed to heat water from the ambient temperature to 100,000 degrees Celsius in under one-tenth…

The Earth Will Slow Down On July 6th When This Year’s Aphelion Astronomical Even Will Take Place

On July 6th, the Earth will cross its furthest point from the Sun in its 2018 orbit around the host…

The Acceleration of The Universe Might Be Explained By A Fifth Dimension, A New Study Says

Using a non-traditional approach, a group of Mexican and Chilean scientists has generated their own model on the acceleration of…

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