Portland’s State of Environmental Science and Management Department Helps the Ecosystems to Develop

We all know Planet Earth. That planet we live on? That’s what we all have in common, the environment around us. We’re talking about change every time we mention humans and Portland State’s Environmental Science and Management Department is willing to help with that change.

What’s Portland’s place in this?

When it comes to sustainable practices and good policies, Portland is amongst the one who sees the environment as a priority. Environmental issues are easily solved with The ESM program, which connects students with associations and businesses, which helps around Portland. This way, students also get to help and have access to lots of resources and opportunities.

We all have the same aim

Arjun Viray, a student which is a part of this program, stated that there are lots of people, such as ecologists, biologists, conservationists, which all fight for the same aim – the improvement of the environment and a healthy life for people. By taking care of the environment, you take care of yourself and your life.

Viray is working right now on a project which occupies with healthcare designs and green roofs and keeps its attention on how the environment affects the health of people. Other programs from the same projects occupy with the quality of the air in urban settings and how nano-structured materials affect the health of the people and the environment around us. You can find out about all of these with the help of the Build Exito program, which helps students look into biomedical facts, and social science research.

What are the problems?

We encounter problems regarding water shortages, big droughts, natural disasters which happen due to climate change.

We have to understand what this means for us and what the connection between the society and the chemical, biological and ecological developments affects the ecosystems. This is one of the main reasons why environmental science is in a continuous growing process.

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