New Chinese Space Station To Launch Soon


China has announced that a new Chinese space station would launch soon, according to a reputable Hong Kong-based source.

The Chinese space program is actively training astronauts, and the first module of the future space station will be moved to a launch site in the following days. Many details remained elusive, but the Chinese government aims to showcase the space ambitions of the country and push the ideas and concepts to reality.

Another source claims that the first module should be launched with the help of a high-power Long March-5 rocket. The plan is to complete the construction of the space station and make it operational by 2022. It is planned to be a long term space lab. The station will not be as big as some may think, is comprised of three modules which will be brought to space separately. The station will be able to provide accommodation for up to three astronauts at the same time.

A new Chinese space station would launch into orbit soon

A Chinese space station is already on orbit, but it is quite old, and the Chinese space agency plans to decommission and de-orbit the station later in the summer. China strives to expand its space program as the country didn’t participate in the development of the International Space Station.

That is not the first ambitious project that was announced by China. Earlier in 2018, a team of Chinese researchers has announced that they are working on a method which will allow the country to survey and recover asteroids which contain high amounts of valuable mineral resources. During the first stage of the project, a probe will be sent on a target asteroid.

If the probe reports that the asteroid is rich in mineral resources a fleet of drones will be deployed during the second stage. They will lay a vast high-strength net which will be used to guide the asteroid towards Earth and a safe crash zone. It remains to be seen if the projects will be successful in the long run.


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