Scientists Ask For a Sustainable Space Mining to Protect the Planets, Moons, and Space Rocks In The Solar System


Scientists believe that we need to protect our solar systems from the new “gold rush” of space mining efforts, which could leave us in a catastrophe for centuries.

Some researchers from the US Smithsonian Institution suggest preserving about seven-eighths of the solar system as official ‘space wildernesses.’ This would help in protecting planets, the moons and many other space bodies from all kinds from industrial exploitation.

However, the main goal is to make sure that the expansion of the humankind into the solar system is managed carefully so that we would be able to avoid a future in which the resources are all gone. Researchers wanted to explore how quickly space mining could actually get rid of all the viable resources of the solar system.

Scientists ask for a sustainable space mining of the solar system

Scientist found that humans would use about eighth of the resources of the solar system in about 400 years if we are to assume that an annual growth rate for the mining industry of the space is of 3.5%. The growth rate can be compared to that found in the use of iron – from the start of the Industrial Revolution and up until the present day.

Four centuries have passed and we have 60 years to restrain the growth of the space economy before the resources still usable from the solar system would be totally gone. Based on what they find, scientists suggest that the space mining of the resources of the solar system can be limited at only one-eighth. That means that it will leave the rest as protected and wilderness-status areas.

These rules would maintain some other worlds in the natural state, without any pollution or industry. However, they all suggest that the main goal is to prevent us from reaching this catastrophic dystopia, where all the resources are either dry or nowhere to be found.


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