Penguin Head Spotted on Mars In Images Shared by NASA, Hinting That Life on Mars Exists


It all started by Steve Martin that had studied many images provided by NASA in search of extraterrestrial life. But instead he had found on closer inspection, the head of a penguin peeking out from behind a rock on the planet Mars. Mr. Martin declares that he always believed that life on Mars exists, and with this recent discovery he thinks that he can prove it.

After hours of looking at NASA’s images, he saw a picture that reveals the head of a penguin. In the pic, we can see the black and white colors in the shape of a head. Of course, it’s a bit weird thinking about the existence of a penguin on Mars and no other species, like aliens as we might expect. Also, Mr. Martin is sure that this will not be the only discovery and data that he could find and that the Universe is abounding with life.

Life on Mars exists, as a scientist believes as he spotted the head of a penguin on Mars in an image shared by NASA

However, the particular picture was shot by NASA with Curiosity, a car-sized rover that was designed mainly to explore the crater Gale on Mars. Curiosity has been making pictures on Mars with the robotic camera since 2004 and had traveled more than 28 miles around the planet, and made more than 224,000 snaps.

Nevertheless to say that Mr. Martin sticks on his opinion and discovery, and it’s hoping that NASA will take count of this image. And considering the remarkable news, we had this week about the first image of a black hole in a Galaxy that’s 500 million trillion kilometers away from our planet; we are sure that at some point we would find out that life does exist on Mars or another planet in our Galaxy. And to have the confirmation of a black hole and Albert Einstein’s theory, plus a living penguin on the Red Planet, hinting that life on Mars might exist, that’s a moment in the history of humanity that we are unique to live it.


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