New Radio Galaxy Spotted By Indian Astronomers


The universe is continuously expanding, and we are just a speck of dust in it. We, as humans, have always been intrigued by the science behind it and its hidden treasures. Are there any other types of life? What places can we travel to? As scientists only know about 5% of what the cosmos is, we will always want to know more about it. Now, Indian astronomers identified a new radio galaxy.

Indian astronomers spotted a new radio galaxy

We learned more now about the Universe thanks to a group of Indian scientists who discovered a new radio galaxy. This discovery is the most distant of its kinds, located 12 billion lightyears away. The finding was made thanks to the Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope (GMRT) near Pune, in India.

In order to determine the distance between the newly discovered galaxy and us, the Large Binocular Telescope (Arizona) and the Gemini North telescope (Hawaii) were used. Another extraordinary thing about this galaxy is that in such a short period, it built up so much mass. Before its birth, it did not take it too much to become the size it is now.

Why is the discovery of a new radio galaxy so significant?

Quasars are galaxies that emit high-frequency radio waves and have a very active nucleus. You might be familiar with this definition. At the center of these galaxies, we can find massive black holes around which there is matter hurling. High-energy jetstreams can also be launched by them and this way the charged particles of matter can move as fast as the light.

That happened before about half a decade ago, but due to a lack of data to analyze, nothing could be proved. During this period, the GMRT has been, and now it has better imaging abilities. This way the radio galaxy has been discovered. In addition to that, a new category of radio-galaxies has been created.


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