Blue Origin To Send A Spaceship To The Moon, According To Jeff Bezos


Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has recently stated that he plans to send a spaceship to the moon, following the latest trend that was started in May. Blue Origin, the private space company owned by Bezos, will develop a generous robotic ship, which should carry a payload of four rovers.

The mission will be completed with the help of a new engine rocket and revamped versions of the older ones. A more advanced version of the spaceship, which would have the ability to carry human passengers, will be finished before the deadline of 2024 given to NASA by the Trump administration.

Jeff Bezos showcased a mock version of the so-called Blue Moon vehicle during an event which took place on Thursday. The event was quite surprising since the space company loves to keep secrets. However, in this case, the announcement took place in a luxurious ballroom where small light which imitated stars could be seen on the walls. The glamour was more akin to the announcement of a popular tech product.

Jeff Bezos, the owner of the Blue Origin private space company, wants to send a spaceship to the moon

The prop of the ship was unveiled by Jeff Bezos, who left the stage without sharing valuable information like launch dates, potential costs, and other aspects. A large part of the presentation was focused on dreams of a future generation which could live in giant space-stations.

Blue Origin employees provided different answers when they were asked about possible landing dates for crewed and uncrewed missions. Clay Mowry, Blue Origin Vice President, stated that 2024 is not a specific goal for crewed missions. A space consultant who collaborates with Blue Origin noted that an unscrewed 2023 launch is planned.

In 2017 Blue Hole unveiled an ambitious mission which involved the use of an unscrewed, reusable rocket that would be able to carry up 4,500 kilograms to the moon. A successful launch took place this month when one of the New Shepherd rockets was used. It remains to be seen if the lofty plans will become a reality in the future.


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