Sea Levels are Expected to Rise Due to Glaciers Melting


Scientist are raising a sign of alarm since they have uncovered that a larger sized glacier has been floating around and it is expected to melt and raise the sea level.

What glacier are we talking about?

The Totten Glacier is the one that has managed to break away and float around. Scientists are closely monitoring its evolution and the rate at which it is melting. Paul Winberry has spent a significant amount of time analyzing this glacier. He is from Central Washington University and he spent one summer taking a close look at the Totten.

How fast is it melting?

Scientists have found out that the area where the glacier is floating is slowly being eroded by the warm, salty water that it comes into contact with. This means that the Totten is highly susceptible to climate variations. The main goal is to see what really happens underneath the glacier, where it is harder to see on a regular basis, unlike its floating part, which can even be seen from the air.

If the glacier were to all melt down in just a moment, it would raise the Earth’s sea levels at around 3 meters high. Since the 1900’s and up to present day the sea level has only been raised by 20 centimeters. It is expected to rise up to a meter or over a meter by the end of the century, if the estimates are right.

This is why closely monitoring the Totten Glacier is so important. It is a good indicate of future natural variations. Moreover, scientists need to start looking into the various scenarios that could happen after the glacier melt and the water level is raised. As always, precaution is the best step that could stop a future tragedy. However, collecting the data is going to take up a lot of time since the conditions are pretty harsh.

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