Science Shows that Pasta is Not As Bad for Your Diet as you May Think

Most diets out there go on and on about how pasta is perhaps one of the worst food that one can eat if he or she is trying to lose weight. Why? Because it has a lot of carbs and, if you eat in in large quantities, it has a staggering amount of calories that would upset almost anyone.

However, a team of researchers from Toronto has found out that pasta has more benefits for the body than previously thought.

More about their study

Most people would just hear that pasta is not bad for their diets and stop reading to find out more but it is interesting to see what why it is good for us and in what quantities. The study done on this matter comes from the St Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

The study stated that people that are following a diet focused on keeping a low Glycemic index would benefit a lot from introducing pasta into their diets since the evidence of their experiment showed that pasta has a very low Glycemic index. This means that the energy that one gets after eating pasta would be metabolized very slowly, which would help keep the blood sugar and insulin levels at bay.

This news is particularly important to people that suffer from Type 2 diabetes and that need to follow a very strict diet to decrease the risk of getting their insulin or their blood sugar levels to a threatening amount.

However, this could all be for nothing if one adds sugary toppings to their pasta or sauces that are incredibly fatty. In the end moderation is key and people that follow a restrictive diet for health reasons know that better than any of us do. At least they now know that eating pasta would not be so bad for their diet.

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