The “Clean Eating” Movement Might be Harmful for Your Health Reveal Specialists

Eating healthy is something that we all should attempt to do, but nowadays it has turned more into a trend. It is almost fashionable to try out the latest cleansing juices or avocado recipes, to the point where it has become unhealthy.

And it appears that eating disorders specialists are concerned as well. According to them, many people take clean eating too far and they are not properly informed. Moreover, the “clean eating” term is too vague, and it does not come with enough details.

Experts are worried

Kelsey Johnston is an education coordinator for the National Eating Disorder Information Centre. She warned us that this movement is heading to the wrong direction. She believes that there are indeed good intentions behind this “trend”, but it has turned into a movement that comes with plenty of restrictions.

It appears that clean eating already has some victims. For example, Debbie Berlin-Romalis is the executive director at Sheena’s Place. There they have support groups for persons that deal with eating disorders. According to her, every single group mentions clean eating.

Clean foods and dirty foods

One of the worst things about this movement is the fact that it makes us believe that foods are good and bad. Therefore, people start avoiding certain foods, or even certain activities like dinners at the restaurant.

However, experts can tell you that “there is no such thing as bad food”. In fact, it is very important that we enjoy the food that we eat. In fact, worrying about food and restricting certain elements in your diet will only increase the stress in your life. And there are other risks as well. For example, a very strict diet can lead to mental illnesses if you are a person that has a genetic risk of anorexia.

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