Reactions to Canada’s 2018 Federal Budget

To some people the fact that Bono is praising the Trudeau government may sound like a story torn out from a South Park episode but it is indeed reality. And it is not an unwelcome sight either.

What is happening?

Bill Morneau, Canada’s Finance Minister, has decided to use $2 billion Canadian dollars from their budget for a period of 5 years in order to increase international aid. This will be done through an International Assistance Innovation program and the Sovereign Loans program, two new programs that are in the works. The Assistance Innovation program is planned out to aid people in coming up with new financing arrangements.

This is going to be a new record achievement for the Canadian government, being the largest increase in foreign aid that has happened in 16 years. It is even more promising as this is happening after more than 10 years of very strict budget planning that has made the country look bad in the public eye, due to them not helping those that are in need worldwide.

How does Bono play into all of this?

It is about time that we tell you how Bono ties into all this. He has founded ONE Campaign, an anti-poverty group. Bono is always trying to help those in need and it is only natural that he will praise the prime minister for also taking an interest in ending poverty.

What is ONE?

For those that do not know, ONE is not in charge of administering foreign programs. What they do is work through agencies that donate cash to some of the world’s poorest countries and then work from there on up.

How have people received the news?

We can clearly say that many of the organizations that are dealing with helping people in need are more than happy to hear this news. It is safe to say that improvements can always be made but this is surely a good start towards fixing the problem.

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