First Artificial Shooting Stars Spectacle On Tokyo Sky

Nightsky lovers will witness the release of twinkle stars falling….at their request. It sounds like somebody is playing a wizard, which sprinkles magic stars everywhere. But actually, the experiment is getting prepared for a long time. The dazzling lights will shower the night roof in 2020 with the help of two satellites that throws bright lights on Earth.

They didn’t pinky promise, but they prepare the ingredients for a bigger show – rainbow-colored and artificial giant-monster shooting stars.

Science Working For Fun

The unpreceded system was founded in Tokyo, by a company named ALE Co., Ltd, to give everyone the possibility to see a shooting star at least once in a lifetime. The burning particles have the sufficient power to shine to be noticed by people situated at a distance of 200km away from the point they will drop.  The pollution will not mess-up the plan because the satellites already took this into account. Unfortunately, before reaching the ground, the balls will preserve their fairy lights only for a few seconds. But we hope the spectators’ amazement will last longer after goes-off.

The Stars Makers

But I did not present you the peculiar satellites that make this spectacle possible. First will be sent to the sky in March next year while the second most probably in summer. The national space agency will give a hand of help to launch the first, but for the latter, a private company will take care. Both of them have a ‘deposit’ of 400 stars. Also, the balls that will be delivered to Earth have a special coverage that offers dramatic effects coming out from sci-fi fantasies.

The stars are expected to shine several times after combustion, with twenty or thirty lives, but the way they will be recovered from the ground was not yet put into discussion.

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