UNICEF Australia Launched ‘The Hopepage’ Which Asks People To “Donate” Processing Power For Crypto Mining

The UNICEF Australia is running a donation project using a webminer to raise funds in cryptocurrency. The idea has been well received, as more than 2,330 people are already donating, according to the information provided on the official website.

The institution uses the webminer installed on The Hopepage, where the users are asked if they are willing to “donate” some of the processing power of their devices to help UNICEF raise funds in cryptocurrency. The website uses a version of Coinhive webminer to carry out this donation process.

Until now, in many cases, this type of crypto miners has been used by hackers so that users were not aware that their equipment is mining crypto coins through a website, even though the Coinhive team recommends indicating the presence of the software so that potential users can decide whether or not to give their  processing power for a particular purpose.

We are happy to launch The Hopepage. This innovative website allows you to easily donate some of the processing power of your computer to generate crypto coins and fund life-saving assistance for children in crisis.

UNICEF Australia

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are not unknown terms for UNICEF

Based on information provided by UNICEF, the site uses some of the processing power of the users’ computer to automatically generate funds for UNICEF Australia, via a Coinhive webminer.

UNICEF is working in some of the world’s toughest places to save children, protect their rights and help them realize their full potential, according to the official UNICEF Australia mining website.

While this is an innovative project, for UNICEF, the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are not unknown. In fact, the institution announced that it could design and activate its own crypto-based systems to finance initiatives to help solve the problems of impoverished children and to monitor aid funds in detail.

The institution also launched a call for blockchain startups dedicated to helping the world’s children with funding ranging from $50,000 to $90,000 so that these ventures can provide efficient solutions to care for children in need.

In the end, it is really nice to see that a Coinhive webminer is used in well-meant directions and not to raise illicit funds. The decision of UNICEF Australia to implement The Hopepage, a system where people can “donate” processing power of their devices to help UNICEF raise funds in cryptocurrency is applaudable.

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