Is Nibiru Real? New Footage Shows A Mysterious Glowing Object In The Sky


The Nibiru theories has existed for a couple of years, and it hasn’t lost its popularity just yet. A new video seems to fuel numerous speculations online. The channel which posted the video is titled “The TR3b Black Manta Channel” and they used the description “The real Planet X is coming. Watch Nibiru now.”

In the video you can clearly see the sun setting at the bitch. However, the sun is not the only object present in the sky. On the left you can see a bright yellow object which is a lot larger than the sun.

What is Nibiru?

There is a theory floating around about a supposed Nibiru cataclysm. Nibiru or Planet X is an object that will cause doomsday, according to certain groups. This idea appeared back in 1995 and it was created by Nancy Lieder, the founder of the ZetaTalk

It is believed that the collision will take place in the early 21st century. There are also certain theories which claim that there will be in fact a near-miss. Nibiru was expected to appear in September 2017, but as we already know, it did not make an appearance.

According to conspiracy lovers, Nibiru is a large mystical alien world and it is meant to smash into Earth at one point. This is not the first Nibiru sighting, and there are other videos online which claim to having caught on film the mysterious Planet X.

YouTube channel UFO Seekers also shared a video of a light traveling across the sky. As the camera zooms in, we can see that the light is made out of multiple unidentified objects. The person in the video explains that the lights were traveling from Los Angeles.


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