Discussions in Canada About Voluntary Anesthesia

It looks like one of the main topics of discussion in Canada is about voluntary anesthesia. The topic is a touchy one, to say the least, and it looks like a former physician is stirring the waters even more by talking about personal anesthesia.

Who is this man?

The man in question is Named Philip Nitschke. He is a former physician and the founder of Exit International. He spends his time attending conferences or talks where he advises people on how they can kill their selves peacefully and painlessly.

His most recent talk happened in Toronto, where he told the public that people should be allowed to choose how they want to die and that Canada’s current law system restricts this notion. He said that only a certain number of people are allowed to choose their own death and that just because they fit the imposed criteria.

Negative effects to his speech

It looks like this man has already made one indirect victim in Canada by playing a small role in the death of Adam Maier-Clayton. The man suffered from depression and another condition, somatic symptom disorder, which made him want to ask for getting people that suffer from mental illnesses the option to choose to have an assisted death. However, since his illnesses were not deemed to be terminal, he was not allowed this so, after hearing Nitschke’s advice the 26-year old man took a drug in order to end his own life.

There are many opinions regarding this man’s influence. Some people look up to him for speaking about a sensitive subject that does not get to be discussed very often, seen almost as being taboo, while others think that this man is incredibly dangerous. He has the power to influence people by feeding their already preconceived ideas in order to get them to take their own lives.

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