NASA Curiosity Rover Discovered Something On Mars – Could It Be About Life On Mars? We’ll See Tomorrow


NASA announced yesterday that its Curiosity Rover has made a new scientific discovery on Mars. However, nothing else was revealed by NASA, so far, but the US Space Agency called for a press conference for tomorrow, Thursday, June 7th, reported HealthThoroughfare. This might indicate a groundbreaking discovery. Could life on Mars be announced by NASA?

The US Space Agency only shared the fact that Curiosity Rover made a finding which led to “new science results” which will be discussed during a press conference, as NASA itself said.

It is not a shocker that Curiosity has again found something interesting on Mars but the NASA’s secrecy about it raised some questions. Usually, NASA posts the results of the new experiments and new findings on its site or on its social networks but it’s calling for press conferences only when it has something big to share.

Could life on Mars be announced by NASA, tomorrow?

Recently, NASA announced that its engineers found a new way to use Curiosity Rover to drill rocks on Mars, after concluding that the drilling mechanism of the rover can’t be remotely repaired. Namely, NASA reprogrammed the rover to use its robotic arms as a driller in order to restart the examinations of the Mars’ rocks.

According to some recent studies, one good place to look for life on Mars would be the rocks on the Red Planet as they might contain evidence of microbial life, as well as the traces of a long-extinct intelligent life on Mars.

Of course, all this is just a supposition, and NASA might simply announce another groundbreaking discovery regarding the Red Planet.

However, all the hints indicate towards a correlation between the restart of Curiosity Rover’s drilling experiments and this “new science results.”

In any case, we’ll find what’s all about tomorrow, June 7th, at 2 PM EDT.


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