Ancient Alien Life on Mars – ‘God Statue’ on Mars Sparked Many Conspiracy Theories


NASA has always been known to share images captured by its satellites and rovers of various planets and cosmic objects, such as the Moon, Mars, and many other asteroids. Some space enthusiasts and UFOlogists have always been known to look hard into these images released by NASA with the sole purpose to find odd or hidden things on the surface of these cosmic objects, such as relics of ancient alien life on Mars.

Such a thing has been happening for some time with images released by NASA of the Red Planet. NASA’s interest is to study everything there is about the planet to determine whether Mars can become a habitable planet in the future or not. All UFOlogists want to do is to find proof of the existence of aliens on Mars.

And their attempt is also made easier by the rough terrain of the Red Planet that is littered with rocks and debris from past asteroid impact and hollows and craters and a lot of other things.

UFOlogists noticed a ‘god statue’ on Mars, hinting to the presence of ancient alien life on Mars

In one instance, the UFOlogists found an image of a ‘woman’ that was standing on the surface of Mars in a dress. Astronomers determined that it was a weird rock formation. In other instances, many other things have been found on Mars’ surface: fish fossil, rats, penguins, Sasquatch skull, etc.

An image of Mars, captured by Opportunity four years ago, caused quite a stir in the community of UFOlogists as they speculated they saw a ‘face’ they believed belonged to an ‘ancient god.’ The god was a Neo-Assyrian deity associated with Nabu, the god of wisdom, which is usually illustrated as a lion with wings.

Others believed to be the face of a Mesopotamian king. The UFOlogists also came up with how the ‘statue’ ended up in space: the ancient Assyrian population had the technology to travel through space. Therefore, they visited the Solar System and in their journeys left statues of their gods on the planets they ended upon. Also, it is believed that aliens also idolized the Assyrian gods. But we all know the truth: the ancient god statue is just a rock that resembles a face.


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