Walking Through the Alberta’s Rockies is a Cathartic Experience

When it comes to relaxing and enjoying the beautiful wonders of nature and all that it has to offer, some people find solace and comfort in taking a small trip into the mountains. For some, this has become a weekly routine that they do in order to escape the fast-paced lifestyle that one finds in the city and enjoy the quiet, peaceful atmosphere that one may find in the mountains, in our case the Alberta Rockies.

What is it like?

For some people, this place is so simple that it gives you the freedom to stop and start thinking about yourself in relation to the world and all that is going in your life at the moment. For others, going for a trip in the mountains can fill a void that they did not know they had.

Maybe for someone going out and seeing all the beauty that one can find in the Alberta Rockies can become a way for him or her to feel that nature does possess something great, that is it able to create beautiful things. We all have very different definitions for what we feel when we are hiking alone in the mountains, for all that we feel.

For most people, whether they realize it or not, hiking may become like a sort of pilgrimage, a path that one takes from time to time in order to find himself or herself, recharge and get back in touch with nature or divinity, depending on one’s beliefs.

Last but not least, some people may feel like when they are hiking time stops or slows down all together, allowing them to bask in the beauty and the simplicity of nature. It lets them reminiscence about other moments in their life or, in some cases, it lets them clear their head and think about their future in a whole other light.

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