Here is Why Zero-sum Thinking Can’t be Used When it Comes for Global Warming

Although zero-sum thinking can be considered a rather egoistic way of thinking, it does work in certain contexts. However, global warming is not one of them. Many powers seem to believe that there is not win-win solution in this case, and everything is regarded as a battle for power.

This is a toxic mentality, and it is one that should disappear from our politics. Collaboration is needed more than ever and we should increase the value of your products for everyone.

Markets have to be forced

Many businesses put our lives at risk by using dangerous practices. That is why it is important that we unite and we choose industries that care about the environment. In time, those who use carbon-intensive practices will be naturally removed from the markets.

The past years came with many improvements that were long needed. For example, there are many entrepreneurs that are teaching communities how to share surplus clean energy. This way power plants that use fuel become less essential for our society.

Additionally, the prices for solar and wind energy have become lower than coal, and decentralized information networks support distributed energy production system. There are also power generating technologies that are both cost-effective industrial scale, as well as in-home battery storage.

Additionally, there are new data technologies and science for high-resolution Earth systems that will let us purchase actionable resilience intelligence at both the planetary and human scales. We can also notice that high-efficiency climate smart finance has become more and more popular when it comes to driving new investment and innovation in other sectors.

The progress is important, but we have to remember that we must continue. This is something that we owe to the future generations and we can’t stop now.

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