Pentavalent Vaccine Caused More Deaths Among Infants than Expected

Six years ago India introduced a new type of vaccine to the masses, the PV vaccine. A new study has shown that this type of vaccine has managed to double the number of deaths in children, unlike the DPT vaccine. Statistically speaking, 10,612 children died after they were vaccinated (the data includes both DPT and PV). The major spike in these numbers was in 2017.

Who are the authors of the study?

Faced with these findings, doctor V. Sreenivas and Doctor Jacob Puliyel decided to analyze the matter closely. The study that they are both authors of was published in the Medical Journal of Doctor D.Y. Patil University.

PV vaccine – what is it and how is it so popular

The study first talks about the PV vaccine. This vaccine is a combination between the DPT one and two other vaccines that are mean to fight Haemophilus influenza type B and hepatitis B. In December 2011 it was brought into the health system to replace the DPT vaccine since the focus was on protecting the infants without exposing them to too many injections.

However, after the vaccine a number of infants died from unexplained causes which made Sreenicas and Puliyel want to find out the cause.

Their research

They gathered the data about the deaths that happened between April 2012 and May 2016 from both TPT and PV. They found out that the deaths occurred in the 72 hour time frame after the patients got the injection. The number of death from the PV virus was twice as large as the one from DPT.

This significant difference calls for a reevaluation of the effects that PV and DPT have after being administered. The number of deaths is not a high one but the death risk from taking this vaccine should be minimized as fast as possible.

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