This Smart Irrigation System Saves 60% Of The Water Consumption And Runs On Green Energy

The first 100% maintenance-free smart irrigation system in the world has been installed at the University of Cadiz (UCA), in Spain. In order to make more sustainable use of water, the UCA has implemented this new technological solution.

Created by the “Smart Biosistem” company, the new irrigation system will allow a saving of up to 60% in water and it can be controlled with a simple smartphone or tablet.

The system allows automizing the irrigation process by reading the real data of the area

“Smart Biosistem” has developed this pioneering irrigation system to be 100% maintenance-free thanks to intelligent sensors that inform it about the environmental conditions of the soil, providing efficiency and cost savings in the maintenance of agricultural areas, urban green areas, and golf courses

This smart irrigation system is an innovative solution that provides effective alternative systems to sectors such as agronomy, which is indeed needing the water natural resource.

The smart irrigation system is one of the innovations that can contribute the most to the agricultural sector in this regard, as the company recalls on the occasion of the Water Day, which takes place this Thursday, March 22nd.

The smart irrigation system has a durability of 10 years

The system allows to completely automate the irrigation process by reading the real data of the area, such as humidity and temperature.

“Our goal is to facilitate the work of farmers and also to provide a sustainable irrigation solution to the municipalities in charge of urban green areas,” explains Adrian Navarro, the CEO and founder of the company.

This smart irrigation system has a durability of 10 years and uses solar panels to power itself and saves 60% of the water consumed for irrigations because it’s packed with a durable filtration system an reuses a great part of the water. Even more, this system is 100% maintenance-free and can be controlled via a smartphone app.

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