What if Everything we Know About Alzheimer’s is a Lie?

What if Everything we Know About Alzheimer’s is a Lie?

Science is tied in with failing to understand the situation, until the point that you hit the nail on the head. Consider the possibility that we don’t want to concede and say that we’re off-base about an alarming malady?

The thing with finding out answers is that if your ideas don’t work, you should discard them, as said by Carl Sagan.

Be that as it may, when your profession and all that you’ve worked for is hanging in the balance, deciding you may not be right is a difficult thing to do.

Pfizer’s Company Gave up on Researching

The pharmaceutical company hauled out of the search for an Alzheimer’s cure in January.

Regardless of decades and billions of dollars put in the research, they have not built up a solitary medication to cure, avoid or even moderate Alzheimer’s disease.

In January, in the wake of burning through billions on fizzled medicate trials, Pfizer, one of the biggest companies on the planet, surrendered and hauled out of Alzheimer’s examination inside and out.

A Little Team to Change Perspectives?

Be that as it may, a little team claimed that they don’t want to acknowledge this, regardless of many years of medication disappointments. They are sure that they’re incorrect about the reasons why the disease appears.

They also say that leading Alzheimer’s speculations have been acknowledged as authoritative opinions, notwithstanding those repeated disappointments. They have been obstructed from doing research into other, irregular hypotheses.

It’s been 100 years of the amyloid speculation. The medications that have been developed are reliably coming up short. There is a developing sense that perhaps we have to reexamine the course of the field, as said by professor Bryce Vissel. He also trusts the field of Alzheimer’s examination has turned out to be trapped, pursuing something that isn’t right.

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