Which Breed Of Laying Hen To Choose For A Chicken Coop?


The chicken is the new star animal of our gardens. In addition to providing fresh eggs, it feeds on our organic waste (salads, cheeses, peelings …), insects and slugs … A true omnivore! In addition to its practical aspects, the chicken is the joy of children who can go every day to collect eggs and see them evolve in their garden.

Are you a future owner of chickens? Are you preparing to welcome them in your garden? Yes, but do you know which race to choose?


To make the right choice, first ask yourself some questions: will you raise chickens to have a large amount of eggs ? Or do you prefer ornamental chickens (feathers, different appearance)?


  • The red hen is the best known, the one that is found everywhere for sale and in the gardens. A large, robust laying hen, it is also easily tamed thanks to its good character.

  • The hen Sussex: good layers, incubator and good mother, this hen is recognizable to her plumage often black white grass. Although a little frightened with Man, she remains sociable with her fellows.

  • The Marans Chicken: excellent layers, this chicken lays eggs to the caliber higher than average, eggs red 70 to 80 g. To recognize it, it is simple: it has the legs slightly plucked.

  • The Vorweck chicken : black and fawn, this hen is sociable and an excellent lay.

The Wyandotte hen good layers and good incubator, this rustic hen is native of the USA. She is recognizable by her plumage very often silvered with black border.


Minimum 2. A hen alone may be bored. On the other hand, too many chickens can cause overcrowding in your chicken coop , damage the soil and plants, but also give off a strong smell.

It’s up to you to make your choice of hen according to your needs!


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