Quebec announces up to $100,000 in grants per farm


It is on a first-come, first-serve basis that producers will share the $95-million grant of Quebec’s investment support program. The Minister of Agriculture, Laurent Lessard, revealed the details on Dec 21st.

The amount of subsidy will be equivalent to 40% of investments aimed at compliance with animal welfare standards or energy efficiency. “I am pleased to know that this will help to keep agricultural businesses in an enviable position in the markets, both in Quebec and abroad, and that it will also help achieve the government’s sustainable development objectives,” he added. said the minister.

$50,000 or $100,000

In terms of hog maternity and goat, sheep and dairy buffalo sectors, the maximum grant will be $ 100,000 for a total project of $ 250,000. The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec (MAPAQ) considers that these productions face particular challenges.

As for other productions, including dairy production, the maximum grant will be $ 50,000 for a total project of $ 125,000. Minister Lessard’s advisor, Pierre-Luc Daigle, said that, with respect to dairy farms, the provincial grant would not be able to cover the same equipment as the federal one.

In any case, it may be equipment or modifications to buildings as far as it relates to the objectives of animal welfare and energy efficiency. The typical case is that of the necessary work in the hog barns, which will have to modify the housing of the sows in gestation.

In addition to this amount, a rebate of $ 13.33 per $ 100 of interest paid will also be available for the portion assumed by the producer. For a maximum loan of $ 225,000, this represents a maximum of $ 30,000 over five years on interest leave.

Note that the program unveiled also provides for an increase in the amount of advisory services for animal welfare and energy efficiency.

First come, first served

“It will be first come, first served,” said Pierre-Luc Daigle, in an interview at La Terre . Membership in the program was possible since November 3 at 3 pm on the MAPAQ website at . A form called “simple to fill” is required at first. Project details should follow within six months. MAPAQ offices will also be able to answer questions.

Laurent Lessard plans to return to the Minister of Finance if the program envelope is quickly exhausted.

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