What You Need To Know About Chicken Coops


Before buying your chickens it is important to know where to house them! You can find on the Internet and in the garden centers all kinds of chicken coop, from the cheapest to the most original …

Mistrust however: a cheap chicken coop  is worth its price! At less than 200 euros, the poultry houses sold are not designed to last, they are even likely to reach your bulky ones after the first year of use. Let’s say, we can not hope for quality at discount prices. This observation is necessary for your henhouse as for tomatoes, eggs or ham!

Buying or building a chicken coop: there are two schools

Many people prefer to build the chicken coop themselves . If you have carpenter skills why not, you will be able to give free rein to your inspiration! Looking for chicken coop plans? We recommend the excellent work of Michel Audureau “I would raise many chickens”, full of tricks and good advice.

Many amateur breeders think that a henhouse can be built with a few salvaged pallets or recycled boards … If it is true that chickens are relatively rustic animals, beware: they fear a lot of moisture and maintenance Of the poultry house must be able to be carried out regularly (and easily!). If you do not want your chickens to fall ill or catch parasites, it is very important to ensure the quality of their home. However, on this point, home-made chicken coops often have major design defects.

Not to mention the aesthetic aspect … Today the garden becomes a part of the house in its own right and the shelter of chickens a real outdoor furniture!

"Nogg Chicken Coop", an egg-shaped design chicken coop!
“Nogg Chicken Coop”, an egg-shaped design chicken coop!

For the devotees of the chicken coop design , we have identified two essential models:

  • The Farmili Container chicken and chestnut poultry house, fully manufactured in France in partnership with a design office. This henhouse was even installed at the Ministry of Ecology in Paris (photo below).
The design house of Farmili in the garden of the Ministry of Ecology in Paris.
The design house of Farmili in the garden of the Ministry of Ecology in Paris.

Here in Canada, Wayfair offers many different coop designs.  They also offer free shipping!

Cape Cod Chicken Coop by Precision Pet
Cape Cod Chicken Coop by Precision Pet


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