Manitoba Farmer To Sell Farm After Being Robbed Of 150 Cattle

Cows at New Farm Ranch near Zhoda, Manitoba Photo: Shirley Barca

Owners of a livestock farm near Zhoda in southeastern Manitoba decided to sells of their livestock after they were robbed of 150 cows.

“No one wants to end up in such a situation, but we do not really have a choice,” says Shirley Barca, co-owner of New Country Ranch.

Ms. Barca and her husband, Juergen Schubert, traveled to Swift Current, Saskatchewan, to sell more than 600 head of cattle after a flight last year.

It all began in March 2016, when the counting of the animals was systematically lower than it should have been.

But the couple did not immediately conclude that the missing cows had been stolen, believing they had rather escaped the count – after all, New Country Ranch stretches over 1600 hectares.

“At first, it was hoped that they were elsewhere, which was badly counted,” says Shirley Barca. But ultimately, we came to the conclusion that they had not left on their own. ”

About 150 pregnant cows – valued at around $ 2,500 each – have disappeared within a few months.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police launched an investigation, but Juergen and Shirley decided it was time to throw in the towel.

They only hope that other breeders will not hesitate to contact the police if they ever have concerns about the disappearance of animals.

“We want people to know that it is possible, and that they should not be ashamed. Those who should be ashamed are those who steal the livelihoods of others. “


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