Another Roof Top Garden Sprouts Up In Quebec


QUEBEC – On one of the institution’s roofs, an area of ​​141 square meters was converted into a community garden for students and staff. Better still: some of the vegetables will be used to feed toddlers who attend the CEGEP day care center.

The environmental consultant at Cégep Limoilou, Barbara Genest, is very proud of this project carried out in collaboration with Urbainculteurs and a student committee.

The chosen roof was already vegetalized. Picnic tables and hives of bees had been set up there, but there was no market gardening until now.

A total of 42 small lots were created. They can be rented at a nominal fee of $ 25 for staff and $ 20 for students throughout the summer.

It remains to see how it will grow … This is our first year!

Barbara Genest, environmental consultant for Cégep Limoilou

Guillaume Gagnon-Dugas is one of those who have quickly seized the opportunity to seize a small lot, to produce enough food for himself.

“I do not have gardening space [at home],” he said. It did not tempt me either in search of apartment to break my head with that. It is a space that is always available and as I study here for three years, I hope to have it for three years! The young man said.

Almost all of the lots have already found buyers and a waiting list is already well stocked for those who stay.

Introducing toddlers

Another interesting aspect of the project is the partnership that was sealed with the CEGEP’s early childhood center, the CPE Les p’tits loups.

Already this week, toddlers have not hesitated a second to improvise farmers.

“They were eager to remove weeds, to cultivate, to water,” says CPE manager Anne Lachance. It is also a link with the land, with nature. ”

For children, it is certainly a very interesting activity. They can both experiment, play in the land, put the small seeds, come back to see the plant growth process.

Anne Lachance, Manager of CPE Les p’tits loups

Some of the vegetables produced will be found directly on the CPE plates to feed the children.

The Maison Mère-Mallet, which offers a soup kitchen service, will also get its share of the cake during the summer.

Even if nothing has been decided yet, the community garden could expand next year as nearly half of the roof is not yet used.


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