Saskatchewan Sets Up Urban Gardens On Roof Tops

garden on a concrete roof in Saskatoon

Employees at the University of Saskatchewan have set up an urban garden on the roof of the College of Agriculture and Biological Resources. The productivity of their garden is moreover tenfold because of the concrete of the roof.

The concrete stores heat and allows plants to remain warm and prolong the production season.

Project managers are so pleased with the performance of their urban garden that they plan to expand it next year. “Next year we want to expand the garden on the north side,” says Erin Akins, the institution’s sustainable development coordinator, but it’s a bit different because solar access is less. So we have to look at different methods of growing plants. ”

University students proposed the idea last year. The project was so much more at the University’s sustainable development office that it was born in the spring.

Vegetables and herbs grown in the garden are used by the University’s food service.

The garden team will organize a farmers’ market on the University grounds this fall to publicize their project.

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