You Can Now Choose the Name of the Largest Unnamed Space Object in the Solar System


If you haven’t heard by now, beyond Neptune, the Solar System has another little red planet that rotates around the Sun. It was discovered in 2007, and since then the scientists haven’t named her appropriately. The largest unknown space object is still called “2007 OR10”, but you can change this by voting on the website between Gonggong, Holle, and Vili. Click on the link and give a chance to the unnamed object in the Solar System.

What Do We Know about 2007 OR10?

2007 OR10 is located in the Kuiper Belt of the Solar System. The Kuiper Belt is an area beyond Neptune and home to Pluto. According to scientists, the minor planet has a size around 777 miles (1,250 kilometers) in diameter. That means that the planet is smaller than Pluto and Eris, larger than Charon, and one of the top 10 most significant objects from Kuiper Belt.

Moreover, 2007 OR10 is almost a dwarf planet, and it is a mixture of ice and rocks, with a red surface. Scientist thinks that the red surface is the result of the sunlight hitting amounts of ice on the surface. Meg Schwamb from the Gemini Observatory in Hawaii believes that the presence of the ice on the planet can indicate cryovolcanism. Cryovolcanism means that the planet has an ice volcano activity in which the water is spitting from the planet’s interior, and it’s frozen on the surface.

What about naming the largest unknown space object in the Solar System?

Astronomer Michael Brown had named the planet “Snow White” for its white color. The fun fact is that until the discovery of 2007 OR10, Brown’s team had already discovered the “seven dwarves.”

But the nickname has been dropped after they saw that 2007 OR10 is one of the reddest objects from Kuiper Belt. So after that, it came the proposal to give a name to the planet, finally, and an online poll was created. Every name that’s proposed for voting has a mythic story behind.

Finally, if you choose Gonggong, know that is a Chinese water god, with red hair and a serpent’s tail. Holle is a European winter goddess, goddess of fertility and the ability to make snow at the move of her hand. And the last one, Vili, is a brave Nordic god that defeated a frost giant named Ymir and used his body to create the Universe. How’s that for a good reason to vote?


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