Truth or Myth? Seven Most Common Errors We Make


It’s time to buster some common myths that distorted our general knowledge. And these are seven false statements that we believed since childhood. 

1. The sky is certainly blue

The sky is not blue as we used to color it as children. What we consider as being orangish, blue, reddish or other colors, it depends directly on sunlight and its distance from Earth. When the Sun is further, during sunset or sunrise, the sky is shaded with red or related colors.

2. All fish lay eggs (actually sharks give live birth)

Fish exhibit a large reproductive diversity. Some of them (mostly the cartilaginous fish like sharks but not only) give birth to cubs without being considered mammals. The embryos develop in the fish wombs until they are fully prepared to come in the o world.

3. A lie detector always spots the truth 

Everyone lies, even insects, animals, and plants,  shows the studies, but interpreting the results of a lie detector is a treacherous task. No, certainly lie indicator is not trustworthy for a criminal investigation. Several specialists can interpret the detector results differently. And also the body response is hanging on too many outside factors to be eloquent.

4. Sun is not yellow as you may think

The sunlight and the sun itself are both white. We see variations in color because of different factors that interact in the atmosphere. When the Sun reaches the Earth, it hue depends on the time of the day, season, etc.

5. Sahara is vast, but there is one desert bigger on Earth

Okay. Everyone heard of Sahara as the largest desert, but Antarctica is actually the one that deserves the title. It may sound a little bit strange…Antarctica…desert..where is the sand? Actually, a desert is a place that lacks precipitations and offers extreme conditions for living. Antarctica is called a ”cold” desert.

6. Your handy signal rely on satellites 

NO. Cellular phones receive the signal from land-based towers usually located on high buildings. You already may have noticed a weak signal in some places, maybe in rural areas or on highways. When we move, our phone connects to the closest base tower from where it can receive signal again. But these points of contact can sometimes be built too far away from us. And as a result, our phone can’t reach the connection properly.

7. Antibiotics are made to treat cold

Antibiotics were discovered to treat infections caused by bacteria, not to defeat cold or flu viruses. If one takes them without specialized advice, it can cause serious health problems. In this case, antiviral pills are more recommended.


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