Tracking Down A Time Warp Might Not Be As Challenging As It Sounds


For many people, the notion of time warp may seem to be deeply connected with science fiction, but researchers have already managed to detect one. An obvious question will appear: what is a time warp and why is it so interesting for researchers? Read below to find out more about time warps.

A supermassive black hole can generate a time warp

Researchers have been fascinated by time warps for more than 100 years, and it is likely that you are within a time warp in this very moment.
Almost 114 years ago Albert Einstein decided to publish the theory of special relativity, which was followed by the well-known theory of general relativity. According to the latter, gravity is created by the curving of space and time, the very fabric which constitutes our universe. In a nutshell, it can be said that everything which has mass can generate a time warp.

As expected, more significant things are better at this. The enormous mass of a supermassive black hole led many researchers to believe that it has the potential to generate an impressive time warp.

If someone goes near a black hole, the large mass will dilate time, which means that it would pass at a considerably slower rate in comparison to what someone who is at a safe distance from the black hole could perceive.

The Earth and the sun also produce a small time warp

At first, it may sound like a remarkable time machine, but there is one major caveat: after a specific point called the event horizon is reached nothing can return from the black hole.

The Earth and the sun are also able to dilate time noticeably. A NASA satellite called Gravity Probe B confirmed that general relativity is real, with an accuracy rate of 99%.

It is theorized that time dilation can be achieved by moving at an accelerated rate. The higher the speed, the slower is the flow of time, until a fixed point can be reached if we were to follow the rules of special relativity. Further research is already underway, and it is likely that more information will be shared in the future about the time warp.


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