The Pentagon Is Suddenly Interested In UFO Sightings


Many US Navy pilots and sailors encounter strange objects in the sky. Their reports of UFO sightings were usually laughed at, being called crazy or straight-up liars. Recently, things have changed. New rules elaborated by the Pentagon encourage pilots and sailors to report any UFO sighting and to keep track of what they see.

The US military used to seem skeptical towards alien UFO sightings, or so they wanted us to believe. A few years ago, the Pentagon shut down yet another space program dedicated to investigating UFO apparitions.

With the new set of orders, we can’t help ourselves not to wonder what made the Pentagon officials change their minds. Have they finally accepted the possibility that aliens are visiting us and trying to make contact with humans? The answer is most likely no.

The Pentagon is now interested in UFO sightings

Throughout history, humans made a habit of misinterpreting things and turning them into something supernatural or out of our world. For example, not too long ago, sailors used to believed manatees were mermaids. Even the Loch Ness monster is nothing but a bunch of driftwood.

The most recent example is the SpaceX rocket launch that was observed by people as a strange luminescent object in the sky, making them believe extraterrestrial life is paying us a visit. Experts say this type of incorrect beliefs happen when people are misinformed, or they misunderstand what’s right in front of them.

The most probable explanation for the Pentagon interest in UFO sightings recent behavior is that it wants to avoid these situations. To do that, they need to form a better understanding of flying objects that can’t be identified yet so that scientists can find rational explanations for them. If they know the nature of these strange objects, they know how to react to them.


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