SpaceX Starship Passed The First Heatshields Test, Elon Musk Confirmed


Crew Dragon, the first commercial crew capsule, has recently completed a successful space journey to the ISS and back. Now, it’s the time for the Starship rocket to step up. SpaceX Starship has completed the first heatshields test to make sure that it is good to fly, and Elon Musk, the owner of SpaceX, is so proud about its accomplishment.

The big Falcon Rocket is a Starship funded privately, and its spacecraft system and launch vehicle can be entirely reused. Musk tweeted on Sunday “Testing Starship heatshield hex tiles,” attaching a short video of white glowing hexagonal sheets that have the goal of protecting the craft from the searing heat.

Throughout its full rotation, Elon Musk confirmed via an answer to a user that the tiles had passed the tests. Over 1,375 degrees Celsius is the maximum temperature, approximated, that the hottest parts of the heatshields reached, according to Elon Musk.

SpaceX Starship heatshields successfully tested, Elon Musk reported

In addition to that, the SpaceX owner gave us a suggestion that the Starship rocket can withstand the extreme temperatures that the spacecraft has to support when it returns back home. However, this is not as high as 1,500 degrees Celsius, the temperatures the Space Shuttles from NASA were built to withstand.

“On March 12th, the Raptor rocket engine — which will eventually help power Starship to the moon and beyond — was spotted in Texas, where SpaceX is gearing up for Starship’s first test ‘hops’, expected to begin within this week — to test the take-off and landing capabilities of a Starship prototype, affectionately known as ‘Starhopper’, and the Raptor engine,” the report said.

Photos of the Raptor engine were shared last week by a Twitter user, and we could see that it was affixed to the “Starhopper” for the first time. This week starts good for science, and hopefully, it will keep being this good until the weekend begins.


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