Skyscrapers Are Killing Millions of Birds Each Year Across the US


At least 100 million and maybe as many as a billion birds, based on estimations made by scientists, die each year in the US when they collide with buildings, to be more precise, with the skyscrapers that are covered in glass or are illuminated. In addition to that, in a new report, a new idea has been presented by the conservationists regarding the American cities that kill the most birds.

There are a lot of structures made out of glass in Chicago, and they spike into what is the busiest US avian airspace during migration this being the place those feathered travelers should avoid at all costs. Every fall and spring the Windy City’s downtown is visited by more than 5 million birds from at least 250 different species.

Twice a year they make this journey many traveling for thousands of miles going from South and Central America towards the north, across the Great Lakes to Canada, and in the fall back south. Birds flying on the famous skyline of Manhattan are also risking their lives when they are migrating.

More than 100 million birds die each year due to skyscrapers

“They wind up landing somewhere that’s unfamiliar, like a sidewalk somewhere,” said the director of conservation and science at New York City Audubon, a leading bird advocacy organization Susan Elbin. “Then when daylight comes, and they want to get more food, they’ll fly into a tree that they think is a tree, and it’s really a reflected tree in some glass building … Then they’ll slam into the glass, and then they die.”

The migration in most birds happens at night when they go through the US because the airspace is both calm and relaxed, but the disadvantage is that they end up veering through cities because their glow stands out. As birds are attracted to light, the bright cities are exactly a trap for them when they fly.


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