Shocking Study Claims That Mercury Is The Closest Planet To Earth, Not Venus


A team of researchers has revealed in a shocking study that Mercury is the closest planet to Earth, not Venus. The astronomers have recently showcased their discovery and explained the methods which were used to calculate which of the two planets is the closest to ours.

The team has concluded that Mercury appears to be the closest one, but there is more to it than what is visible at first sight. That is not the first case in which a planet was at a distance which was a bit bigger or smaller than it was thought at first. The problem stems from the method which is used to estimate the distance between planets.

In most cases, researchers will calculate the average distance from the sun and up to the target planet. Accordingly, the average distance at which Earth is located reaches one astronomical unit, while Venus is situated at approximately 0.72 astronomical units (or AU). To calculate the distance between planets researchers used to subtract one distance from the other.

Mercury Is The Closest Planet To Earth, Not Venus, a New Shocking Study Revealed

If we were to subtract the distance at which Venus is located from the sun from the distance at which Earth can be found in relation to our host star, we would obtain 0.28 AU which was deemed to be the smallest distance for any pair of planets in the solar system.

The team of researchers behind the recent shocking study has realized that this is not an accurate method, and their theory has been confirmed. It is well-known that Earth spends a high amount of time at the opposite end of its orbit in comparison with Venus, a fact which increases the average distance up to 1.72 AU.

To calculate the distance correctly, scientists should measure the average distance between every point along one planet’s orbit and the other planet’s orbit. The researcher tested their theory with the help of advanced simulation programs. The assumption made sense. The results of the simulation suggested that Mercury was, in fact, the closest planet to Earth for the most extended period. The study has been published in a peer-reviewed journal.


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