Quantum Particles Could Unveil What Happens Inside Black Holes


Black holes have always been a mystery for humanity. While we did learn more about them, we still do not know what happens inside a black hole. Physicists Norman Yao and Beni Yoshida think that they can change that with the help of quantum particles. More specifically, they want to try a new method that helps them analyze the entanglement of scrambled particles.

“At its core, this is a qubit or qutrit experiment, but the fact that we can relate it to cosmology is because we believe the dynamics of quantum information is the same,” says a colleague of Yoshida’s, Irfan Siddiqi. The biggest question of the scientists’ is what happens to the information that describes the state of a particle once it reaches a black hole.

“One can recover the information dropped into the black hole by doing a massive quantum calculation on these outgoing Hawking photons,” says Yao. “This is expected to be really, really hard, but if quantum mechanics is to be believed, it should, in principle, be possible.”

Quantum particles might reveal what’s going on inside black holes

The two scientists also have an experiment that should help them test their theories. The new method is based on out-of-time-order correlation functions, which compare the states of a particle’s quantum. It is not simple to explain the mathematics behind this process.

A small quantum circuit was used by researchers to scramble quantum states. Scientists look at the information transferred between the quantum particles, and this allows them to understand whether the data is just scrambled or lost during the process.

“With our protocol, if you measure a teleportation fidelity that is high enough, then you can guarantee that scrambling happened within the quantum circuit,” says Yao. The researcher hopes that this experiment will reveal what is happening inside black holes.


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