Planet X Might Be Real – Dwarf Planets Outside Our Solar System Might Prove The Existence of Nibiru


Recently discovered dwarf planets outside our solar system might prove the existence of Nibiru as they gather in only one region, attracted by a strong gravitational field. That’s according to a new study that indicates, finally, that Planet X might be real. However, that doesn’t mean that the mysterious space object is housing the ancient Sumerian gods, the Anunnaki.

Nibiru is an enigmatic mythological world, a planet that, supposedly, orbits the Sun following an elongated trajectory. It became famous thanks to Zecharia Sitchin who promoted an alternative theory for the origins of life on Earth.

He was one of the biggest supporters of the Sumerian culture’s hypothesis on the creation of life on our planet, and he thought that Anunnaki gods were extraterrestrials coming from Planet X, a world beyond Neptune.

Now, with the discovery of The Goblin, a small icy planet far beyond Neptune, the scientists found more evidence for the existence of Planet X.

Dwarf Planets Outside Our Solar System Might Prove The Existence of Planet X or Nibiru

Astronomer Scott Sheppard, one of the Carnegie Institution for Space in Washington scientists, thinks that The Goblin is oddly synchronous with other dwarf planets outside our solar system. Accordingly, there must be a giant planet out there pulling all these small space bodies into its orbit.

“Finding all these objects in a similar place suggests that there is a big planet out there that’s shepherding The Goblin and other objects,” the astronomer said.

While NASA says that there is no evidence to justify the belief in Nibiru, the US space agency itself is exploring the distant regions of our solar system for the so-called Planet Nine, a Neptune-sized planet that lurks from beyond the orbit of Pluto. Many believe that’s Nibiru, only that NASA named it differently.

In fact, there is some mathematical proof, calculated by The California Institute of Technology (Caltech), that promotes the existence of the so-called Planet Nine.


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