Oumuamua Excites Science Community, No Matter What It Is, Either A Rock or Alien Probe


As we cannot yet fly at our own will in deep space, we rely on the observations made with space telescopes. So, a space rock that comes from another solar system and slowly flies through ours can only create a massive buzz among astronomers. Oumuamua is that kind of object and regardless of what it is, either a rock or an alien probe as some scientists said, it excites the science community.

Usually, for the astronomers to see a space rock, that flying boulders have to get in the sunlight, literally. Otherwise, they are only dark blobs against a black sky. And Oumuamua was no exception. The scientists spotted when it entered our solar system, and it was a real puzzle for the astronomers.

Oumuamua is, undoubtedly, a mysterious space rock with a never-before-seen shape and some unique characteristics that make it impossible for scientists to catalog it as either an asteroid or comet.

Is it a comet? Is it an asteroid? Is it an alien probe? Oumuamua excites science community, no matter what it is

In early-November, a group of scientists came up with an interesting theory on Oumuamua. They said that the mysterious cigar-shaped space rock is nothing else than an alien probe as the space object speeded up, mysteriously.

“We believe that every star in our galaxy has a planetary system. At best it’s going to take you years to go between the stars, and that’s if you get up close to the speed of light,” explained Paul Delaney of York University, referring to interstellar travel. “Lots and lots of energy. We’ve got nothing even remotely capable of doing that. And don’t forget relativity. The closer you get to the speed of light, the larger is your inertial mass, which means even more energy is required,” he added.

As for Oumuamua, the researchers admitted that the scientists got excited “from the moment you say ‘interstellar visitor,’ even if it is probably a rock. All of us have a little bit of wishful thinking,” Delaney said. He also added that the evidence that Oumuamua might be an alien probe, and not a space rock, are dim, and now, since the object went beyond our reach, we’ll never know for sure.


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