NASA Wants To Launch The First Crewed Mission To Mars Sooner Than Expected


Jim Bridenstine, the NASA Administrator released a number of statements that described NASA’s plans in regard to exploring close to Earth space objects, such as the Moon and Mars, subsequent to the White House requesting a budget raise of an additional $1.6 billion in order to speed up and facilitate the already accomplishment of already existing targets.

There are now $10.7 billion allocated to the exploration missions that NASA already planned, out of $21 billion that is the total budget allocated for this association.

Is NASA competing with China for the first crewed mission to Mars?

The “Exploration Campaign” is said to include a moon landing that is now officially expected to be accomplished by the end of 2028. Bridenstine stated that the lunar mission is just a milestone in a more significant project that has as a core scope sending astronauts to Mars. Thus, to reduce the time span estimated until we humans will be able to touch Martian ground, we also need to speed up the already existing project concerning the moon landing, which is now wanted to be accomplished by 2024.

This strategic decision is said to be directly linked to China’s ongoing attempt to touch lunar and martian surface sooner than we might expect.

NASA seeks help to accomplish its plans

Instead of developing the lander that should be able to carry humans to the moon surface by itself, NASA is currently searching for space companies to build it up. There are several conditions the companies should necessarily take into account when considering to build up their proposal, such as the fact that this lander has to have the potential of being reused, and that it has to be integrated into the NASA’s two facilities that are currently in progress.

NASA Associate Administrator for Human Exploration and Operations, William Gerstenmaier, stated that he sincerely supports this approach of collaborating with a commercial company and, should the Congress give its approval, he anticipated that by October the early development stages of this program would start. NASA employees are expected to begin fruitfully collaborating with the commercial company whose proposal will best fit NASA’s expectations.


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