Moon Colonization Can Save Our Planet, Says Jeff Bezos


Last week, Amazon’s inaugural Re: Mars tech conference took place in Las Vegas. On Thursday, Bezos was interviewed by Jenny Freshwater, who is the director of Amazon forecasting and capacity planning. Jeff Bezos claimed that the only chance to save our planet is the Moon colonization, in the first instance.

Blue Origin, a company run by Jeff Bezos, who is also Amazon’s CEO, has big plans for space travel. The company is developing a huge lunar lander that promises to make moon travel as easy as airplane travel.

In May, Bezos revealed Blue Origin’s latest creation, a lunar lander spacecraft. The vehicle, named Blue Moon, was designed to help humanity establish a sustained presence on the lunar surface by delivering payloads. Bezos stated that this project is part of his plan to help build the infrastructure needed for space colonization.

Jeff Bezos promotes Moon colonization to save our planet

During the interview, Jeff Bezos also added: “If we’re going to continue to grow this civilization, we need to move – and I’m talking about something our grandchildren will work on and their grandchildren and so on. This isn’t something just this generation is going to accomplish.”

According to the Amazon CEO, the Moon colonization is ideal for many reasons. For example, it has water in the form of ice, it is close to Earth, and it has access to solar energy. In addition, moving the heavy industry away from Earth is the only way to protect our planet, even more so as human civilization keeps growing.

Even more, Jeff Bezos said that it is crucial to move all of the planet-killing factories to the Moon. This way, our planet will only host our homes and light industry. He considers that, after humanity explored all of the planets in the solar system, the moon is the most suitable for Moon colonization.


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