Metal Asteroids Might Have Existed Since The Dawn Of The Solar System


Over 800,000 known asteroids can be found within the boundaries of our solar system. It is known that a significant pattern is comprised of metal asteroids. A team of researchers used advanced computer simulations to observe the possible geophysics of such asteroids. When the metal found inside such asteroids started to cool down, several volcanoes appeared in the surface, ejecting liquid iron.

Metal asteroids are likely to have been exposed while they were in a molten state. Some of them may have started to cool from the outside, resulting in a crystallized surface which is quite rigid. As the asteroid continues to cool the liquid material will begin to move towards the surface.

NASA plans to explore one of the largest metal asteroids in the solar system

It is likely that iron volcanism took place on metal asteroids as they started to cool down. Scientists believe that metallic space rocks can be traced back to history to the early days of the solar systems when the planets were forming. These prototype planets collided in some cases, and the impact destroyed the rocky layer which protected the liquid cores. The cores themselves contained a large amount of liquid iron. In some cases, these cores started to cool and solidify.

It seems that volcanoes would vary according to the specific features which were present on an asteroid. If a large amount of pure iron were present, the eruption would involve low-viscosity flows which spread around as thin sheets. In the case of a mixture of elements, the outbursts were very aggressive, and some of them may have left pits in the surface.

NASA plans to send a probe to Psyche, one of the largest metal asteroids in the solar system. At this point, the researchers were unable to identify visible signs of volcanic activity. However, it is thought that the probe will not find large volcanic cones similar to those found on Earth. The results of the study were published in a peer-reviewed journal.


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