Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Discovers “Star Trek” Symbol On The Martian Surface


An unusual symbol was spotted on the surface of Mars by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO). The MRO’s mission on Mars started in 2006, and since then it managed to capture stunning images of the Martian surface. The MRO includes several scientifical instruments, including a HiRISE camera, spectrometers, and a radar. Its main purpose is to gather data about the different landforms, stratigraphy, minerals, and ice on Mars.

The bizarre “Star Trek” symbol spotted on Mars by MRO pleased the TV series fans, but NASA has a scientific explanation for the wierd-looking structure on the Red Planet.

Mars Orbiter Discovers “Star Trek” Symbol On The Martian Surface

The weird shape was found on a Martian sand dune in the southeast Hellas Planitia region. The image was captured a couple of months ago, on April 22, but the team made it public this week, on Wednesday, June 12.

Upon observing the symbol many people could not help but notice how similar it is to the Star Trek logo. Did the Starfleet set up a base on the Red Planet? Should we get ready to pledge our devotion to the Star Trek organization? The symbol is representative for the Starfleet, a fictional organization of space exploration, diplomacy, research, and peacekeeping.

How did the “Star Trek” symbol end up on the Mars?

According to the team of experts, the shape was created by environmental factors. Apparently, wind and lava contributed to the formation of the bizarre symbol. During early stages of the Red Planet’s formation, the area was covered in crescent-shaped dunes.

A volcanic eruption must have changed their appearance, but they were not covered completely. As the lava cooled down, the dunes started looking more like islands. However, the dunes were still essentially made up of sand, so they migrated under the effect of strong winds, leaving behind traces in the lava field, called “dune casts.”


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