Mars Colony Is The Ideal Solution In Case Of Doomsday, But Relocating The Earth Is Also An Option


Scientists believe that a multitude of possibilities will destroy the Earth in the future. Potential catastrophes such as climate change, death of the Sun, and an asteroid collision will bring the apocalypse on our planet. If such a disaster ever happens, the humankind and all the living organisms on Earth will go extinct, and the Earth will be an inhabitable arid land.

A Mars Colony Is The Best Solution To Save Humanity Of The Earth’s Doomsday

Researchers have already designed a few plans to prevent such a calamity from happening. One of the projects involves humans colonizing another planet, such as Mars, which is the most probable suitor for humans. Researchers believe that relocating to Mars is pretty straightforward and that the Red Planet may even live through the death of the Sun.

Plans on colonizing the Red Planet are already being worked on by private companies such as SpaceX and space agencies like NASA. Elon Musk, the SpaceX founder even claimed a few months ago that the government on Mars would be founded on direct democracy. Although the plan to colonize Mars stays as the perfect method to protect the humankind, a rocket scientist has come with a different answer to save the human race.

Relocating The Earth To Another Orbit Might Also Be The “Key”

Matteo Ceriotti, a professor in space systems engineering at the University of Glasgow proposed that relocating the Earth to another orbit could be another solution to the catastrophic extinction. Ceriotti wrote these suggestions in an essay published by Conversation. He said that the Earth could be moved by using thrusters, smooth sails, and interplanetary billiards to protect the planet.

According to Matteo Ceriotti, electric propels can be used to relocate the Earth to a different orbit. However, the scientist says that the electric thrusts humans design are not able to move the planet in the proper time.

The most potential solution is to use interplanetary billiard. What this means is generating slingshots from space objects such as asteroids to move our planet. But Ceriotti also said that colonizing the Red Planet is a much possible option than relocating the entire planet to a different orbit.


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