Hubble Space Telescope Takes Stunning Images Of Mars And Saturn As They Fly Close To Earth


The Hubble Space Telescope is a real “veteran” of space observations. Launched in the 90s, Hubble proves it is still able to take stunning images with the space objects in our solar system and beyond. The last examples are the stunning images the space telescopes took of Mars and Saturn as they flew close to Earth, recently.

Saturn, which was in opposition on June 27th, was captured by Hubble Space Telescope in a series of astonishing pictures, and now is the turn for Mars to move as close to Earth as it can be.

According to the definition, when a planet is in opposition to the Earth, that means that our planet, that particular planet, and the Sun are aligned. That’s also suggesting that Earth is at the closest point to that other specific planet in our solar system. This situation is the ideal one for the Hubble Space Telescope to take some clear photos of the space objects in our solar system, even though it is designed to capture far-distant objects.

Hubble Space Telescopes took some stunning images of Mars and Saturn as they fly close to Earth

On July 18th the Hubble Space Telescope targeted its lenses towards Mars, a little over one week before the Red Planet opposition to Earth. However, our closest neighbor was pretty close to us for Hubble to take some astonishing pics with Mars and its two moons, Phobos and Deimos.

As Saturn passed close to Earth, the Hubble Space Telescope couldn’t miss the chance to snap it and six out of the 62 moons of the second-largest planet in our solar system.

As regarding Mars, the Red Planet will be in opposition on July 31st so you should expect more astonishing photos of the planet. In the meantime, don’t forget to enjoy the spectacle offered by the century’s longest complete lunar eclipse which will allow viewers to see Mars shining next to the Blood Moon.


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