Here’s Why David Saint-Jacques Might Become The Last Canadian Astronaut


While many other countries around the world such as the United States, Russia, India, China, and the European Union with its ESA are struggling to take a share of space exploration and send astronauts in space, on the Moon, or even Mars, Canada is now experiencing a significant drawback in this regard. If nothing changes, though, David Saint-Jacques might become the last Canadian astronaut.

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) hasn’t developed a formal space plan since 1999 due to several budget cuts, according to some space industry representatives. And, even though NASA asked CSA to come up with a new robotic arm for the Lunar Gateway project, the Canadian government did not commit to that task or any other future space program.

As Canada is not having its own rockets to fly astronauts in space, the only way to get there is via NASA which will soon have a fleet of rockets, once again.

David Saint-Jacques Might Become The Last Canadian Astronaut

“If we don’t have that ticket for the Moon, not only do we not have those industrial investments and jobs, we won’t have a current way for astronauts to go to space. No more Canadian astronauts will be a bit of a shock to the Canadian system,” said Gordon Osinski, a Western University professor and Canada Research Chair in earth and space exploration.

“Canada has been a global leader in space robotics for decades and is a recognized powerhouse in artificial intelligence. We see these two sources of national expertise and pride coming together to enable human exploration of deep space: the space robots of the future will have to work with minimal human help, using artificial intelligence to make decisions,” also said Marie-Andre Malouin, the CSA spokesperson.

Canada is losing ground in space exploration and programs, while “other nations have been increasing their investments and new nations entering the sector,” added Ryan Anderson, president and CEO of the Satellite Canada Innovation Network.


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